About Tina Reine

Tina Reine is an Aerialist, an Environmentalist, a Champion for women and girls to be strong, break stereotypes and glass ceilings.

To see Tina Reine’s TEDx talk click on the video below.

Tina Reine attended Columbia Business School in New York City, where she received a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance. Over a four-year period, she facilitated three companies’ establishment in the sale of verified emission reduction and certified emission reduction units (VERs and CERs, respectively). At CantorCO2e/Blue Source, she located projects and completed offset deals with ClimateCare, The Carbon Neutral Co., B.A.A., and other organizations. At JPMorgan Chase & Co., she established a carbon trading desk and educated others in the company as the Vice President of Voluntary Carbon Market Sales. At NextEra Energy, where she spent two and one-half years as the Manager of Carbon Markets, she traded CERs and VERs, developed a carbon product worth $10 million, spoke at conferences, and handled verification and validation of carbon projects.

Alongside her commercial goals, Tina has a passion for aerial acrobatics – performing on silks and Lyra. “Its like dancing in the air”, says Tina Reine. Dance is what brought her sanity and a sense of belonging as she struggled throughout her youth feeling “different” due to a facial birth defect.
Tina Reine is an advocate against cyber harassment and cyberstalking/bullying.

Tina Reine is an advocate against cyber harassment and cyberstalking/bullying.



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