All of us have likely experience poverty in one form or another. It’s not just a matter of having enough to eat, clothes to wear and a roof over our heads.   For many of us even if we have all those things and much more we often feel we don’t have enough. Hollowness sits inside us and we continually look to fill that space. This is something noted in Buddhism as ‘poverty mentality’ which stems from a feeling of insecurity.

People use different forms to fill the internal hole: drugs, food, religion, philosophy, politics, busyness or friends. While many of these pursuits can be noble in and of themselves, if they are being used as a distraction to who we are then they are a hindrance to our solving our underlying state of poverty.

Notwithstanding true poverty where one is destitute, the state of feeling inferior or less than is something we all feel at some point in our life no matter how educated we are, how much money we have or how many friends surround us.

If internally you live in poverty it is up to you to change your state of being. Every experience, every interaction can be rich, even the ones full of pain. Life is not meant to be pain-free, but it does promise to be rich in experience.


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